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We have our own medical institutions as the basic clinical observation base for research and development projects to ensure the application value of research results. It also has a complete innovation system and a scientific and efficient operation mechanism, covering Pharmaceutical research, pharmacological and toxicological research, health food, functional food research, food and drug registration, clinical research, patent affairs and information management as one of the high-quality technology centers. In cooperation with Jiangsu Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has established a research and Development Center for new Chinese medicine, which will help to strengthen our products. Technical competence in R&D and clinical testing.


In addition to the experienced and high-quality R&D team of new drugs, we have established a collaboration platform with many scientific research institutions, experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, university teaching hospitals, established various professional expert networks, implemented internal and external training and learning mechanisms, recruited talents, and continuously expanded the talent team.

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