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Dr. Xu Zongmin
Dr. Xu Zongmin
1990-1992.in Berlex pharmaceutics,Inc., Position: Head of R&D Team
1992-1995 in Cygnus, Inc., Position: Senior Fellow
1995-2000 in Nanguang Pharmaceutical Company, Position: Director of R&D
2000-2008 in Dermatrends, Inc., Position: Deputy ...
Dr. Huang Cing-cheng
Dr. Huang Cing-cheng
2012 International Outstanding Inventor Guoguang Medal/2012 International Outstanding Inventor Doctor's Medal
The Ninth Top Ten Outstanding Inventors Prize in 2014/the Third Nobel Prize for Inventions by Chinese in the World
Assistant Professor, De...
Dr. Zhang Zhaoyu
Dr. Zhang Zhaoyu
Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy, China Medical University
Department of Post-Bachelor Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Medical University
Master of Medicine and Doctor of Medicine, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine...
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