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Overview Of Parsd Company

Parsd Pharmaceutical Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.is a foreign-funded enterprise 

specializing in research and development in the field of medicine. The main projects are 

series of products of transdermal absorption technology, medical and health materials 

and dressings, clinical application and research. The company focuses on the key issues 

of transdermal controlled release absorption technology of Western medicine and new 

biomedical materials technology for medical devices. The products involved include 

multi-day controlled release patches for Alzheimer's disease, multi-day controlled release 

patches for digestive system diseases and other products in the field of transdermal 

absorption. The company also develops new biomedical materials that can be implanted 

and degraded, as well as new PVA medical dressing products.

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  • Add: B1 Building, No. 9 Changyang Road, West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial
  • E-mail: master@parsd-tw.com
  • Tel: 0086-519-86570531
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